Ask any man in a trip team around campus exactly exactly what scenery they enjoy many whenever considering universities and they won’t title any structures.

Ask any man in a trip team around campus exactly exactly what scenery they enjoy many whenever considering universities and they won’t title any structures.

Demonstrably they’re distracted by an unusual type of beauty, like the dance team girl that is hottest tanning outside from the quad. right Here at College Magazine we determined to truly save you the difficulty of looking all over America and allow you in from the top ten universities with top views .

1. University of Southern Ca

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“California girls, they may be memorable,” sings Katy Perry. She got this 1 right, specially at the University of Southern Ca where the cheerleading squad it self is renowned for recruiting the hottest university girls. It may be a clichГ© that all Cali girls are tanned, toned, blonde and drive to your coastline in Jeeps, but due to their background, that tends to face real for girls at Southern Cal. “The girls here are about since hot as the heat exterior,” said Mike Corstone, USC sophomore. The Trojans graduated skip America Nicole Johnson, model Eve Torres and movie producer Joe Francis – the creator of “Girls Gone Wild” videos. There isn’t any elevant concern now where he discovered motivation.

2. Oregon State University

Although situated in the Northwest rather than considered one of many sunniest places in the usa, Oregon State University is renowned for having a number of the many appealing girls in the nation. Girls at Oregon State University are sexy adequate to have their particular calendar –aptly titled– “Beautiful Beavers.” Really. Two feminine alumni also proceeded to make Playboy’s sought-after “Playmate of the season.” Oregon could be pretty dreary, particularly during the wintertime, but who needs sun – the OSU girls will suffice. “i’ve that calendar hanging in my own dorm, girls are incredibly hot,” said Matt Kerr, OSU junior.

3. University of Ca, Los Angeles

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we all know, we know – maybe not another Ca college. But we had to offer it to them – at University of Ca, l . a ., girls repeatedly have high ranks every-where. Due to the institution’s location near Hollywood, it draws a lot of students searching to pursue a lifetime career in activity. Interpretation: appears matter. They will have the sun’s rays and the sand, components that undoubtedly foster healthy lifestyles due to more activities that are outdoor-oriented. The alumni include A-listers, playmates, skip Americas, actresses and models.

4. Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University girls are since hot as the Cajun that is local cooking sufficient to merit mentions by Maxim and Total Sports Pros. “I visit the games just to look at dancers… they are incredibly hot!” said Brian Michaels, LSU junior. The party team and cheerleading squad are huge at Louisiana State, and their difficult work that is physical off – feminine Tigers are not any strangers to A+ positions on university web web internet sites all over the internet. In January, the football program suffered a difficult loss at the 2012 BCS championship to Alabama. Happily for this business, girls they arrived home to should help them get you gotta choose your battles over it… Hey. #win

5. Howard University

it will require a lot more than a pretty face to be accepted into prestigious Howard University, but as it ends up, pupils here have actually those too. Howard is a historically black colored college and not merely graduated intellectuals like Nobel Prize-winning Toni Morrison and famous appropriate minds like previous Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, but additionally 13 various beauty queens and A miss United States Of America . Everybody understands that smart is sexy and there isn’t any shortage of either at Howard.

6. Ohio University

You will be made by these girls state Oh-i-OH! Ohio University educated breathtaking ladies like Jen Schefft, The Bachelorette , period three, Stacey Offenberger, skip Ohio 2006, and Laurie Lea Schaefer, skip America 1972. “I believe it’s pretty easy to understand that Ohio has the most effective searching ladies in the nation,” stated Mike Barron, Ohio University sophomore.

7. Texas A&M University

Texas is famous for every thing being larger, but the Texas A&M girls prove that Texas can be understood for the pure beauty. Kandace Krueger, A&M graduate, proved this when she won skip United States Of America in 2001. Six other pageant queens additionally went to A&M, showing the ational nation that the numbers don’t lie. “Walking to course, at least half the girls are about a nine on an one-to-ten scale . It’s unreal,” said Alejandro Rodriguez, Texas A&M Freshman.

8. East Carolina University

The Carolinas are understood if you are gorgeous and evidently so can be their girls. “The first-time we went to consult with ECU, I saw the prettiest woman I experienced ever seen face-to-face. At that minute, we knew where I was planning to college,” stated Alex Jones, ECU freshman. Girls at East Carolina really are a blended lot, representing both the traditional Carolina, southern woman and a nice-looking team of north out-of-towners. A pirates that are few owe their time into the limelight to their beauty include Jessica Bowlin, champion for the Bachelor, period five, and Kristen Dalton, skip United States Of America 2009.

9. Florida Atlantic University

Needless to say a college in hot, sunny Florida would get an area on CM’s Top-10 List. Girls are often tan and ready for bikini weather all 12 months. “Girls are certainly hotter in Florida,” said Nate Cullen, junior. Jamie Faith Edmondson, January 2010 Playmate for the thirty days, is just a graduate of Florida Atlantic University. She actually is additionally a former miami dolphins cheerleader and had been called NFL professional Bowl cheerleader in 2007. Also, FAU additionally educated Mary Carey who had been an energetic person in the school’s party group. Ultimately Carey’s sex appeal triggered her present profession being an adult entertainer and landed her a task on Playboy TV. Cali Lowe presently attends FAU and became Playboy’s Coed for the in March 2011 week . It would likely function as the Sunshine State, but the sun’s rays is not the actual only real hot part of Florida.

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